Buy your share in the KIT app

Purchase one or more NFTs for ₳75 per piece to become a shareholder of the KIT app. Never minted a Cardano NFT before? Click here and we’ll set you up.

How to buy our Cardano NFT?

Have you never minted before? Got you! We will show you how it’s done in 4 simple steps. Just follow them steps and you will own your first KIT Collector in no-time.
Create a Cardano wallet
Create an Eternl wallet
You will need a Cardano wallet to store your NFTs, ADA ₳ (the currency that’s used on the Cardano Blockchain) and to make transactions with other wallets. There are many different wallets that you can use, but for the sake of this instruction we advice you to create an ETERNL wallet.

Create ETRNL wallet
What is a seed phrase?A seed phrase is a group of random words generated by your crypto wallet when you first set it up. It’s incredibly important to save this list of words in order, because its your only way to restore your wallet on another device.
Exchange fiat currency for crypto
Exchange CardanoNow your wallet is set up, it’s time to add some ADA ₳ to it. You will need a platform that exchanges your fiat money to crypto; Cardano in this case. We advice you to create a Coinbase account. It’s easy to use and available worldwide. The price of 1 KIT Collector NFT is ₳75, so make sure to buy at least ₳80 to cover for the transaction costs.

Create coinbase account


Your first transaction
1. Copy your wallet address
You can find your wallet address under the ‘receive’ tab in your wallet. There you see a long string of letters and numbers, this is your wallet address. Click it and it will copy itself. Copied? Head back to Coinbase.
2. Sent ADA from Coinbase to your wallet1.  In Coinbase, click the ‘Send & Receive’ button and make sure the ‘send’ tab is active.
2.  Select Cardano as the crypto currency to pay with.
3.  Enter the amount of ADA that you want to transfer (min. ₳80).
4.  Paste your wallet address.
5.  And press continue.

You might be asked some additional questions depending on the regulation of your country, before completing the transaction.

3. Check your wallet1.  After a few minutes the ADA should have arrived in your wallet. When that’s the case, you can see the ₳ ADA value of your wallet changed  to the amount that you transferred from Coinbase. If you see ₳ ******, click the eye icon to make the financial data visible.
Your first Cardano NFT
Ready to mintYou are all set and ready to mint your first Cardano NFT. Select the amount of NFTs you want to buy in the first section of this page and hit ‘Buy with NMKR pay’.
Purchase our Cardano NFT