Become a shareholder of the #1 app for football kit collectors

We will build the app that digitalises football kit collections so collectors can view, analyse and share their items anywhere, anytime. Purchasing 1 Cardano NFT will make you a 1/400th shareholder of the KIT app and let you share in the profits.
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About the app

We, Teun en Sil van den Braber (the founders), are passionate football kit collectors. Throughout the years our collection grew significantly, but most of them were left in our closet for no one to be seen. You just can not wear them all, right?
We realised that if we could somehow digitalise our collection, it would be way easier to view them and share the shirts with like-minded football enthusiasts. This would bring so much more joy to our collection of football shirts.

We searched the app stores for app’s that would enable us to do so, but found nothing helpful. That’s when the idea was born. Let’s do it ourselves!
Become a shareholder

What our KIT app will offer football shirt collectors


It’s difficult to show your collection to someone on a party when all kits are stacked in the closet at home. With the KIT app you have your entire collection digitalised in your pocket. You are now able to view it anywhere, anytime. 


It’s possible to add all kinds of tags to the kits that you upload. For example: the club, the colour, the league and much more. All these tags will allow you to easily filter traits within your collection and makes searching for shirts quick & easy.


The KIT app can analyse the metadata of all your kits and give you interesting insights about your collection. For example, do you already know which season is most represented in your collection? The KIT app will tell you.


Family and friends might call you crazy, but you are not alone. We strive to become the social platform for football shirt enthusiasts by enabling all collectors to share their collection and browse through others. More eyes means more joy.

How will the KIT app make profit?

The KIT app will have 2 revenue streams in the start-up phase. Google adds and premium subscribers. The adds will be shown to users that are using the free version of the app. Does a serious collector want to digitalise more than 20 kits? Then he will need to subscribe to our premium version for a couple of euros per month. Our estimation of the market size is that there are XXXXXX football enthusiasts worldwide that are able to afford to buy real shirts.
* Read our white-paper to see how we got to that number

Become a shareholder

The KIT app will be build no matter what, but we would love to do it as a community. That’s why we are offering anyone who believes in the idea to become a shareholder of the KIT app.

How does it work?

We use NFTs on the Cardano blockchain to raise the app’s development budget and as a decentralised tool to verify our shareholders. We have a total of 1600 NFTs. Only the first 400 are shareholder NFTs and entitle you to 1/400th of the quarterly profits.
Become a shareholder
The other 800 are used to grant premium access to our app in the future.

Community benefits

If you are owning 1 or more NFT, you can verify your wallet in our Discord and experience community benefits. Check out our wallet-verification channel under the welcome tab.

Follow the design and development process

We involve our shareholders in the building proces with exclusive updates on the design, development and marketing activities of the KIT app. Feel free to suggest, advice and discuss with us and other verified collectors.

Influence the project with your vote in Discord

As a shareholder you have a say in the project. We will host polls where you can vote on community, design and marketing decisions. The more NFTs you hold, the bigger your voting power.

Win prizes with community contests

The staff and community captains organise many football related contests. From premier league fantasy to score prediction contests and football quizes. It’s a fun way to win some ADA, NFTs or merchandise.

Character traits

Background Stadium
Special Kit
Belgian Royals
Uncommon Tattoo
Toda Passo
Legendary haircut
Skin Colour
Warm Ivory
Not Impressed
Epic Eyes

Meet the team

Teun @TonyJohan

FOunder & Digital Designer
TonyJohan is an all-round digital designer who has experience in the world of creative agencies and corporate design departments. He loves to collect retro jerseys.

First football kit
Ajax away jersey | 2003

Sil @LordSilb

Co-founder & socials
LordSilb is an active member of the CNFT-community and a lifetime collector of football jerseys. He is the community manager and takes care of our social media channels.

First football kit
FC Porto home jersey | 2004

Astafei @D༏𝞄∩𝞄

Community captain
Astafei is our Community captain. He is also a professional football player who played in Turkey, Malaysia, Norway, Croatia and Romania (his home country).

First football kit
Romania home jersey | 1994

Jasper @Retteketet

KIT designer
@Retteketet is an experienced football kit designer for a Dutch professional football club. His work is mentioned on Footy Headlines.

First football kit
AZ Alkmaar home jersey | 2003

Usman @UsmanH

KIT designer
Usman is an experienced app developer for Android and iOS with strong expertise in cross-platform development. He also has a passion for Machine learning/artificial intelligence.

First football kit
FC Barcelona home | 2003-2005

asked questions

When is the mint of KIT Collectors?

Public sale
We are selling since June 25th 2022 | 16:00 UTC.

How many NFTs will be there?

There will be a total of 1600 KITcollectors. 100 of those will be reserved to the team for future giveaways and prizes. A total of 1500 will be available for minting.

Why do we not use any real logo’s of clubs and sponsors?

Because we respect the copyrights of clubs and clothing sponsors. All the kits within our collection are concept kits that pay tribute to football clubs around the world.

We never use original logos, brand names or jersey designs in order to make clear that we are not selling official art from brands besides our own.

Although we strive to create an application which is financially beneficial to football clubs and clothing sponsors, we are not linked to any of them.

Will there be rarity/ranking?

There will be rarity and a rarity chart, which will be released shortly after mint. We want to let the community decide wether we have rankings or not.

Which wallet should I use to mint?

You have to mint using a Cardano Shelley era wallet such as Daedalus, Eternl, Yoroi or Nami. If you try to send ada from an exchange, you will lose your ada and you will not receive the NFT.

What is our Policy ID?


A Policy ID is used to differentiate fraudulent/duplicate NFTs from the original tokens.
Always check policy id's before buying an NFT to avoid being scammed.


Our goal is to build a collectors application for football jersey enthusiasts around the world where you can profit form by holding one of our NFT's.

Here's how we'll do it.

Club Collection Mint
2022 - Quarter 3

At the 25th of June we will host a public sale for our KIT collection. There will be 1600 handmade NFT’s available to be minted. The largest part of the mint revenue will be reserved for the creation of our KIT Collectors application. This app will support football jersey enthusiasts worldwide with collecting, viewing, sharing and discovering football jerseys.
World Cup Airdrop
2022 - Quarter 4

After selling out the Club Collection, we will airdrop a jersey of one of the countries that compete at the world cup 2022 to the first 200 collectors that reached the level 10 in our Discord.
Design and Development
2023 - Quarter 1 / 2

After we sold out our first collection, a big part of our mint revenue will go towards the design and development of our KITcollectors app. It will help kit collectors to organise, view and share their collection of physical and digital football jerseys.

Our first MVP will consist of a subscription paywall which will generate immediate revenue. Holding one of our NFT's will give you full access to all premium features once we developed the app's wallet verification.

Earn passive income as a holder
2023 - Quarter 3

We will reward everyone who holds our NFT with a percentage of the app's income. As the amount of paid users will grow, your royalties and NFT value will automatically do so as well.